Accuphase T-1000 tuner

Has anyone heard the new Accuphase T-1000 tuner yet? I would love to hear some first hand info on this unit.
This is the best tuner in the world both musically and when it comes to measurements according to the French leading audiophile journal (Jean Hiraga - Nouvellle Revue du Son - Dec. 05)
I borrowed this tuner for the weekend. It is a real treat to
listen to this tuner. The sound is without artifacts. If you want to listen to the tuner, call Quintessence Audio in
Morton Grove, Illinois.
I own a T-1000 and a Day Sequerra ONE FM Reference. T-1000 still new not full ready for direct comparison with the Sequerra. But what a sound !!!. New comments in a few days.
Ok... I have the Accuphase T106, a super nice tuner. But really scary is that my other tuner, an Revox B260-S, for near the half price of my Accuphase, definitive plays as good as the T106... but with one step better and cleaner, sensitivity in the reception (!!!) Soo there is a lot of good tuners out there, for sure.

Now to a question, will the Magnum Dynlab MD 109 and MD T108 be in same league as Accuphase T 1000 and T 109V ?

Tsopanakos or Any Other Audiogon Member:

Any follow-up comments you'd be able to share since it's been in your system?

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I wonder how it sounds and measures compared to a Don Scott modified (or the equivalent) T-100? Of course, one needs to use a directional antenna to do the DXing part of the test.
There have been many good FM modified tuners lately, but off-the-shelf ones with great audio are zilch: Nikko Gamma 5, Luxman T-12, Mac MR-74, Sansui TU-417, and yes, I had an Accuphase T-101 that I kick myself for selling.
Any news on the T-1000? The new T-1100 will be soon available, too.
T-1100 is already available from dealers.