Accuphase pricing Japan vs. USA

I am interested in Accuphase products but the pricing seems to be out of line.  Is there a reason that you buy the equipment for a "reasonable" price in Japan, but in the USA it is double or more?  I don't get it.
Greed greed by the importer.
I wanted to buy an Accuphase but ended up with a Luxman (which I am very happy with) because of the exorbitant markup by the distributor.  At the time it was more that twice the Japanese price in the US.  I could have ordered two from Japan, even with shipping they would have been less than buying one here!  I think it is just greed on the part of the distributor.  The prices are very high in Europe as well.
Also, the distributor here sounded very unpleasant to deal with.
Why Accuphase allows this is beyond me.  They would sell a lot more with a reasonable markup.
On the other hand, I have since heard that many US dealers will offer discounts so it might be worth a shot to see what they can offer.
Like I said, I am very happy with my Luxman.  They are very close in many respects to Accuphase in sound.  Luxman has a new (and better IMO) distributor in the US who has lowered prices a bit from what they were.
 I must say that I do like the looks of the Accuphase better.
It is much the same of US made products sold is Asia, prices are double has well with full payment made before ordering many brands. I very much wanted Pass or Audio Research but all where special order with 30 to 60 day wait so I purchased Accuphase and am very happy with the sound and build quality.

Its not just distributors marking up prices but duties and taxes.
Its not just distributors marking up prices but duties and taxes.

plus insurance, warehousing, setting up a distribution network, marketing and advertising, trade shows, dealer support and warranty repairs...........

Vintage audio in the US goes for twice the price in Japan. They pay tons for the stuff that they made in the 60s and 70s. Example: sansui au 9500 here 700. In Japan 1500-2000. I’d love to start an export business in vintage Japanese audio. 
Too bad I chose to swing a hammer instead.