Accuphase preamp - good for Jeff Rowland amp?

Accuphase have got many good reviews and feedbacks for CDP/SACD and power amps. I wonder if Accuphase preamp is good match for Jeff Rowland amp since many inmates consider these two have similar characteristics in some ways. And how does it sound like comparing to tube preamp like AR ls5/ref1,CAT,CJ? Thank you!
I remember seeing an Accuphase pre/pro in the Wisdom Audio room at CEDIA and CES 2005 with the new Jeff Rowland ICE powered amps. In fact, I met Jeff Rowland in the Wisdom Audio room at CEDIA. I thought the system synergy sounded great but I like the sound of the planar speakers.
My pre of choice is the relatively new Accuphase C-2400, which I run with the Class A Accuphase A-50V. Couldn't be happier. The pre delivers extremely neutral reproduction, dead quiet with lots of ambient information. I don't know how it would work with a Jeff Rowland but since it does not leave a distinct footprint of its own you should be in luck. Just remember that A. uses reverse polarity on the balanced connectors but it comes equipped with a polarity switch. Good luck.