Accuphase: Power Distributor vs. Power Conditioner

Can you please enlighten me? What is the difference between a Power Distributor vs. Power Conditioner? My basic understanding is that the

Power Distributor acts as a fancy power strip, with the purpose that it extends the power you get from wall outlet to multiple outlets. Sort of a "do no harm" approach, they generally don’t have much going on inside, perhaps a bit of filtering and/or basic surge protection but that’s about it.

Power Conditioner on other hand is a complex electronic unit that has a toroid to decouple power from the grid completely, filtering and noise rejection, along with excellent surge protection.

So I have a Shunyata Delta 6 Power Distributor. Can I use it in conjunction with the Accuphase PS-1230 or I can only choose either one. Below is what I was this a logical way and is it practical?

Wall Power Outlet (I installed Furutech GTX-D NCF(R)) ---> Shunyata Delta 6 Power Distributor ---> Accuphase PS-1230 ---> Everything else connect to the Accuphase PS-1230 (Accuphase C-3900, Accuphase A-75, Naim NDX2/555 PS DR Streamer)



OP How many outlets on the conditioner? Is there enough?

The conditioner usually maintains 120vac and condition above 20 and above 40. Usually the outlets are marked.. (Ferrite rings). 

I might plug the distribution strip into a lighter load application.. Streamer, Server, etc..

How's it sound? That's really the question, ay?

No experience with either unit (though that Accuphase looks sexy as hell *thumbs up* for a conditioner - but I've been partial to the Accuphase/Luxman look), but it appears the Shunyata does some conditioning on it's own.  You're essentially going overkill if you're connecting them in series, conditioning the incoming current twice (though you can still do that, if you really want to).

I'd hook in the Accuphase only, as long as it has enough outlets to suit your needs, and move the Shunyata over to a secondary.  Or perhaps sell it and buy more music. :-)

Thank you for your comments.
I was thinking the same thing...perhaps I over complicated things.

Outlet ---> Accuphase PS-1230 ---> Accuphase A-75 and Accuphase C-3900
Outlet ---> Shunyata Delta 6 ---> Naim Streamer (All like you said sell it :))
Power conditioner can mean almost anything the marketing department wants it to. Surge suppression is power conditioning. Filtering is power conditioning.

If there is a transformer, it would be clear about an isolation transformer.

A power regenerator would normally imply a conversion from AC-DC-AC to get a pure output.