Accuphase Power Amps

Anyone got any knowledge about the Accuphase A-35 and P-4200?
Great to hears views from owners or people who have heard either of these.
I would like to buy one of them but don't know whether to go for Class A or Class A/B
I listen to Classical music mostly.
I have only heard the P-4200 at the last CES back in January. I didn't just poke my head in the room and leave, I stayed a while so I could get a good audition. Anyway, it is an excellent amp. I would not hesitate to buy one. It sounded great on all genres of music, classical included. Of course with the A-35 you will have a richer sound, but I'll go off on a limb and say the P-4200 will beat it in speed, detail, and bass response.
Hi Dave and all,
My speakers are Spendor Classic SP100R with a sensitivity of 89db. Good to read all the thoughts on the Class A versus Class A/B Accuphase. Because I listen to symphonies I think it is pretty obvious that even the thought at the back of the mind it may clip is enough to think pro towards P-2400. Bearing in mind this amp is fundamentally designed from the principles of the A-200 monoblocks even though it is still a class A/B. Reading between the lines I sense I may almost get my cake and eat it with a P-2400 and for the tiny bit of rich textural nuance I might miss will more than make up for in control, detail and super smooth sonic black silence. what do you think?
Nice speakers. I was considering those before I bought my JBLs. Anyway, what do I think? I think you're right with what you said! So, go for the P-4200, imo. Refer to the other thread for more of my comments...