Accuphase players and Tact RCS?-Anybody used them

Hi all,
I'm about to get my new (used) Accuphase DP-85. Has anybody successfully used any Accuphase player and a Tact RCS?

I have not, but HP in The Absolute Sound had made a discovery he mentioned in last month's issue where the $28k Accuphase SACD player had some pretty bad rolling off in the upper regions. HP assumed the SACD format must have been highly questionable until borrowed a $2k Phillips sacd player and the music became alive.

If you have not done so, I suggest doing some serious listening before buying.
FWIW the DP-85 is only $16,500 retail new and the DP-100 transport and DC-330 preamp set up is what costs $28k retail. Some have claimed that accuphase digital volume "drops bits"-more so when attenuation is high- but no one seems to be able to prove it. I had a DC-300(the predecessor to the DC-330) going to a tube amp powering avalon speakers(meaning I needed the volume to be turned up more so then most other situations) and I experienced none of this "bit dropping"-not to be confused with "bat droppings" :)

As far as a rejoinder to the querry of this thread I couldn't be of assistance but I felt obligated to help clear the fog-which is usually over my head :) ~Tim
I believe the correct term is bat "guano", at least that is what I used back in college for my indoor gardening projects. Talk about fog over your head!
Jond- I suppose that little clowd is still following me every where I traipse. Thus making it hard to see this bat guano that's on the ground.