Accuphase P450 v Bel Canto Evo 4 Gen 1

Hi All
I looking for a new amp for my system.I've heard and read good things about both these amps.
Can anyone with experience of either Amp decribe the qualities of the amps in question.Which would be the best synergy wise.Where would the amps take my system.
Previously I had a Bryston 14B-ST
My system is currently
Analogue Amazon Ref T/T /Morch UP4/Benz Gilder
Digital Eikos Precision CDP.
Pre Jeff Rowland Synergy
Speakers Talon Ravens
I have had evo 4 gen 2 and ... cannot recomment it. If you like the sound of digital amps, ICEpower sounds much better. More HF air and delicacy, more soundstage depth, more texture.

If I were you I would look for an used Ayre (can be had for ~ $1300), Pass X-150 or similar class A/AB design which is even better than ICEpower offerings.

I cannot comment on P450.
I own an Accuphase P-350 and it's just great,I like it better than the Forte class A amp I have,which is really good too, Accuphase is great stuff!
I have not heard the Bel Canto Evo 4 Gen 1 but I own both the Brston B100 SST and the Accuphase E-450. I like the E-450 much more and find that it draws music and makes me forget about audiophile terms. Its very listenable and musical! There is someting about the Accuphase that defies description - just cannot describe the sound/music but to say that I am very, very satisfued with the E-450! Could it be the timbre? That quality seems to come up ever so often. Never knew I would end up with a Japanese amplifier but here I am the proud owner of the Accuphase E-450.