Accuphase p250 service help (relay not energized)

So I have an Accuphase p-250 and I cannot find any service schematics anywhere . I have two really good techs (Fort Worth Audio) and they have been working on this for about two weeks but my issue now is that we can’t get the relay to energize.

 The amp won’t come out of protection. There is DC offset on both channels but when the offset adjustment control is manipulated nothing happens . My guys are at a loss and I don’t want to give up but we’ve all got rent to pay. Does anyone have knowledge of this product and would be willing to help

This is just a stab in the dark... the DC offset may be steered to a high value capacitor that forms a time constant with a parallel resistor that builds up voltage to a transistor base to saturation to open/close the relay. If that capacitor is shorted or lost capacitance then the relay will see the DC offset condition.

Change all electrolytic caps in the area. And diodes, too. A diode could be rectifying voltage from the power supply secondary to that time constant transistor. That circuit is most likely separated from the center tap by another high value electrolytic cap and if that diode (or cap) is shorted it pulls the relay power circuit to ground, causing the same problem.