Accuphase P-7100 or A-65?

After quite a long quest for attaining audio nirvana I now feel that (with my limited budget) in order to satisfy my musical thirst the Accuphase line of products is the way to go. In a country where there is no option at all for auditioning any high-end audio equipment, it is almost impossible to pin-point merits and demerits of the individual component, let alone trying at home in the familiar environment. I have tried quite a few (in the demo environment), though, during my overseas trips in recent months. Hence, the query is directed towards the Audiogon community around the world, particularly those who won or have experience in Accuphase products. My short-listed products are: Pre-Amp C-2410 or C-2110, Power-Amp A-65 or P-7100 and CDP DP-500 or DP-400.

My current setup is CDP: Audio Aero Capitol MKII, Pre-Amp: Bryston BP25DA, Power-Amp: Bryston 7BssT, Speakers: PMC IB2 (4 Ohms) and Usher BE10 (8 Ohms), Interconnects: Accoustic Zen Silver Reference and Matrix Reference, Speaker Cable: Accoustic Zen Satori Shotgun. Room size: 15’(w) x 12’(d) (with both sides opening from 6’ sidewalls) x 10’ (h). I only listen to CDs.

For Pre-Amp I would probably go for C-2110 due to my budget limitation. Since the Redbook CDs are the only universally accepted format and since I have got quite a good collection of them and also for attaining a total synergy in the chain either of DP-500 or DP-400 is good to go. The dilemma I’m in now is, which Power-Amp to go for. P-7100 or pure Class A A-65? I mostly listen to Jazz and soft rock. My musical preference is sweet mid bands and expanded hi nodes with fully coherent solid bass punch and depth, but it doesn’t have to be granite (crude) solid. I would like both of my speakers to be driven at ease (both of them need a bit of power muscle) and enjoy the music for hours together.

Can any Audiogoner (based on experience) please shade some light on the Amps’ performance in terms of reproduction of music in coherence with the rest of my components and help me decide which way to go?

Thank you in advance.
The Class A accuphase amps are quite something else.
If the 60w Class A amp can drive your speakers, by all means, go for them.
They impart a certain fluidity, clarity, and midrange ripeness that is hard to ignore.
W/ your PMC, I don't see any problems with the A65 driving them. They are conservatively rated!
Just to give you an idea, their 30w class A integrated amp sounds bigger and louder and more powerful bass compared to their 180w brethen class a/b amp.

good luck.
Thanks Nolitan for your kind suggestion.
How do you think A-65 would behave with my Usher BE10 having Be dome tweeter (not the currently available ones with Diamond DMD dome tweeter), 5" Be Midrange and 11" (ETON) Low-bass Woofer? BE10s' Sensitivity is 89dB and nominal impedance is 8 ohms.

I am aware that both IB2s and BE10s are capable of reproducing extended mid and high frequencies with solid bass. With A-65's 'fluidity, clarity, and midrange ripeness' driven into BE10, shall I have the 'fully coherent solid bass punch and depth'?

I'll definitely value your comments in making my decision.
the A65 will have no problems driving the Usher.
These are very powerful amps & quite understated.
In one of the reviews of the E550 int amp, they mated it to a BW 800 speakers and it drove it fine.
I used an A-50V (2 generations before the A-65) on a pair of Eidolons and then Eidolon Diamonds. Was seemingly effortless in a medium sized room.
Getting closer towards possessing my Accuphase gears. When I initiated this thread I was trying to decide which of the Power Amps A-65 and P-7100 to go forward with. I was convinced that A-65 would let me enjoy the tube-like sound with more juice with it. But considering my front-end CDP (Audio Aero Capitol) having the tubes in the output stage, I have a hunch that P-7100 with its more power would probably produce the same kind of musical nuances. I am not sure whether this is going to be a good idea, but I tend to be reasonably firm with this view. My ears have long been tuned with the depth of bass that are produced by Bryston 7BssT mono blocks.

Since it is going to be an investment for a long time, I have been toying with a new idea. Instead of P-7100, how would a pair of P-4100s in Bridged or Monophonic configuration perform? Price-wise they (P-7100 and two P-4100s) are pretty close.

How would they compare? There will be a lot of power muscle, but will there be any deterioration in sound quality? Shall I be able to get the sweetness of music Accuphase is reputed for? Has any other Audiogoner tried this?

I have read here in a different thread that somebody said, ‘bridging is summing the two outputs and adding twice the amount of noise’. Is it going to be the same with monophonic setup?
My Apologies, Guys! Instead of Monophonic configuration, it should be Bi-amping configuration.

Another idea! A mix and match bi-amping scenario! If I retain my Bryston 7BssT mono blocks and use them as Bass Amp and use Accuphase say, A-65 for mid and hi frequencies, how would they sound? Did anybody try such a mixture of amplification?

For Pre-amp I am going for C-2410.

I understand, Accuphase is about to replace DP-500 by DP-510 in about a couple of months, which is why my current CDP Audio Aero Capitol will stay.
Can`t comment on these particular amps but my warm recommendation is to choose older DP-67 over DP-500. I have owned both and 67 is much better sounding. Far better DAC-s and output stage in 67.