Accuphase p-650

If somebody have the opportunity to hear/compare with another models from accuphase the final amplifier P-650,and can say anything about this amplifier please help me with some words.With what preamplifier is better to use c265,c275v.c290,c290V,and if is big diference in the sound between p-650 and the new line p7000,p7100.Is much better lyke old p-550 or p-450?
If can anybody tell me please if the sound will go on the same direction lyke with the integrated Accuphase E-406v,E-407.....
Studio Alkmaar in the Netherlands had at some point a P-650 and a P-4100 for sell – both second hand models. If I remember correctly the old P-650 was 2000-2500 euros more expensive than P-4100 (which is still in production). Though, the P-4100 was sold quickly, they still have the P-650 amp.

Please note that I have no ties with Studio Alkmaar beside attending a few of their audition/shows. Just wanted to say that at least according to their asking price the P-650 seems to be the superior amplifier – though definitively not according to their customers :).

Maybe you can give us some more detials about your current system, e.g. what speakers do you have?, what music do you listen, how loud are you listening to your music?, and how large is your room?

In case you will go for the P-650 please post your finding.

Good Luck!
Would love to help, but i only demoed the P-300 which is great sounding and transparent.
Thanks to all for the answers. I allready have a P-650 and is an incredibil amplifier.