Accuphase P-1000: Poor Man's Dartzeel?

Has anyone heard the Accuphase unit and if so....could they giveme their impressions? I like my Ayre V-5xe but am wondering if this would represent a step up. I'm using the Ayre with a CF PFR.
Um no but how poor? Isn't the Accuphase like an $15K amp? I'm not sure how much the Dartzeel costs but I can't imagine the Accuphase is a "poor mans" anything.
I have not heard the Accu or Dart amps.I have heard the Ayre V-5x,NOT the V-5xe.My rookie opinion would be that these units are very similiar,depending of course on the system.Got the Upgradeitis huh?Good luck,Bob
the p1000 is the sonic and build equal of any commercially made ss amp.