Accuphase M-8000, anyone heard them?

I’m thinking about getting a pair of these amps, but didn’t find any review of them. Considering they were Accuphase’s flagships 10 years ago, how do they compare to newer amps? Thanks.
What speakers are you driving with them, Im sure they will sound excellent but I'm thinking the A60,s would sound better and with some 240 into 8ohm and doubling down to 2ohm of class A power. I have a single A65 which sounds fantastic and would love another one to see how it sounds. Either way I don't think you can go wrong and try and get a Accuphase pre to go with them either a C3800 or C3850. The pre amp is the heart of the system and with these two amps you really don't want to skip. Ive heard Audio Research mates very well with Accuphase amps.

WOW '' Im sure the ref 10 well do either one justice and then some.With the MM3 being 93 db and 6 ohm load I would go with the A60.

Let us know which ones you choose.
I’m considering two very different options: Accu A-60s or KR Audio Kronzilla DXLs.