Accuphase E600 or Esoteric F-03A

Having recently purchased Vienna Acoustic Beethoven Baby grands I have been considering Class A integrated amps.
Of particular interest are
Accuphase E600 $15995 rrp plus on board Dac & phono card
Esoteric F03A $15500 rrp includes phono stage + approx $1000 Dac 
Your thoughts guys
Thank you in advance
This one is not too hard for me. I would purchase a used Dartzeel CTH8550 integrated unit with 200+ watts into 8ohms. A true Swiss built beauty. There are a couple listed on audiogon now. I have zero motive other than trying to give a tip. I've owned one and it is at the top sonically with fantastic build and features such as an outstanding phono stage. Great company with brilliant owner/designer that communicates. Read reviews at Tone Audio and Positive Feedback Online. Just an opinion. 
One other. Jeff Rowland would be the other unit on my list. However I don't think any integrated will exceed the Dartzeel sonically. 

Luxman’s new Class A amps are nice as well, and a direct competitor to the Accuphase in Japan and similarly priced over there.(Accuphase gets a huge mark up when it crosses the pond). and of coarse the Pass Labs. I’ve had a Luxman Class A amp and was very surprised how nice it was from top to bottom and very musical. (Living Voice Speakers 94db).

I would go for separate DAC as it is the one component that does get out dated quickly with the ever growing digital tech progression.

I don’t think anyone does Class A SS like the Japanese they seem to have perfected it decades ago. Not to mention the attention to detail that they have.

Hands down Accuphase. You can probably get about 15% off list.  

I just went through a whole procees over the last year with Luxman, Esoteric and Accuphase.  I'm off the merrygoround now that I have my E-600. 

greg, when you had the F-05 Esoteric how much of a step up was it on your E460? 
@cool_jeeves - It wasn't much of a step up, if at all.  I had an E-470 BTW.  
Greg, thanks. I am veering towards the Gryphon Diablo 300, which seems to be sitting all by itself at the table...
All good things come to those who wait & conduct due diligence.

My system to date :
 Vienna Acoustics Beethoven baby grand S.E's
 All Primare  source to date:
 A32 power amp
 BD32Mkll universal player
 Pre 32
 XLR Interconnects
 Isotek power board
 After auditioning Accuphase's E600 (which has now been superseded) finances restricted that purchase the guys at Frank Prowse Hi-fi came to the party, A change of distributors leading to reasonable discounts on above components. 4 months have passed since taking ownership. Initially a bit harsh/fatiguing it's now an enjoyable listening experience. To George hifi thanks for your advice ( B.P.J.T's) theA32 has plenty & works quite well with the bbg's. Plenty of control/power.
Happy listening,