Accuphase E600 or Esoteric F-03A

Having recently purchased Vienna Acoustic Beethoven Baby grands I have been considering Class A integrated amps.
Of particular interest are
Accuphase E600 $15995 rrp plus on board Dac & phono card
Esoteric F03A $15500 rrp includes phono stage + approx $1000 Dac 
Your thoughts guys
Thank you in advance
This one is not too hard for me. I would purchase a used Dartzeel CTH8550 integrated unit with 200+ watts into 8ohms. A true Swiss built beauty. There are a couple listed on audiogon now. I have zero motive other than trying to give a tip. I've owned one and it is at the top sonically with fantastic build and features such as an outstanding phono stage. Great company with brilliant owner/designer that communicates. Read reviews at Tone Audio and Positive Feedback Online. Just an opinion. 
One other. Jeff Rowland would be the other unit on my list. However I don't think any integrated will exceed the Dartzeel sonically. 

Luxman’s new Class A amps are nice as well, and a direct competitor to the Accuphase in Japan and similarly priced over there.(Accuphase gets a huge mark up when it crosses the pond). and of coarse the Pass Labs. I’ve had a Luxman Class A amp and was very surprised how nice it was from top to bottom and very musical. (Living Voice Speakers 94db).

I would go for separate DAC as it is the one component that does get out dated quickly with the ever growing digital tech progression.

I don’t think anyone does Class A SS like the Japanese they seem to have perfected it decades ago. Not to mention the attention to detail that they have.

Hands down Accuphase. You can probably get about 15% off list.  

I just went through a whole procees over the last year with Luxman, Esoteric and Accuphase.  I'm off the merrygoround now that I have my E-600.