Accuphase E560/600 Users: what's your speakers?

Hi All, 

I am looking at getting the accuphase e560 or 600 int to pair with my Wilson audio Sabrina. While I am tempted with the magic of class A , my only concern is the 30W enough to drive my speakers.

Can any current or ex users of the e560 or 600 share what speakers you used to pair with the amp?

Thanks in advance


This isn't going to help you much but I thought I'd give you a laugh. You know how everyone tells you to buy speakers first, which I did years ago with a pair of Harbeth C7ES3's. About three weeks ago I picked up a slightly used demo E600 from my friend who owns a hifi shop locally. I couldn't pass up a deal on a U.S. unit and buying his demo saved me a ton of money (although it was still a fortune). We both think it was the only used E600 for sale in the world at the time or at least it was the only one hifi shark came up with. If this amp has more than 100 hours on it I'd be surprised. To call the E600 an awesome integrated amplifier is a total understatement. I haven't turned the volume knob past the 9 O'clock position and it's loud with a background free from any noise. It's actually haunting when you first hear it. These speakers aren't very sensitive either. This system sounds amazing. I can't imagine how fantastic it would sound with your speakers.

I hope someone replies who has speakers worthy of being connected to this beautiful integrated amplifier. It will help me out down the road as well.
hi donjr,

Thanks for ur input. Think I wasn't clear in my first post, I wasn't asking for speaker recommendation. 

As I cannot do a demo of the accuphase with the Wilson Sabrina, I am trying to gauge by seeing what current or ex owners are matching the amp with.


Yes, I understand you're not looking for speaker recommendations. I probably confused you with my post. I hope you get the information you're looking for.

Not exactly the same amp but I run a pure class A Luxman L560 (Japanese model 100Vac)  its slightly more power at 50wch but I run it into Living Voice Avatar 2's ($9500) about 92db and never run out of head room in my room that's fairly large 16x20 approx.with 18' ceilings. it seems to always have enough power. as the big Lux was a direct competitor to the Accuphase over in Japan I would imagine it gets similar results as to your set up even though your speakers are a little less efficient.

Love the class A power... little hot though in the summer but worth it.