Accuphase E460 for 803D

I am a novice. How good is Accuphase E460 to drive 803D for a room size 160 Sq. Ft and why?
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An Accuphase E4.. series can drive any speaker around. I am using a e450 with Rockport speakers Mira Grande and too loud is about 1/3 of volume on dial.
The 803D's have similar efficiency to my old Infinity Reference 60's. I was driving my Ref 60's with a Nakamichi Amplifier One which was only putting out 80 watts @8ohms, but the Nak had good peak current of 28 ampers (For reference, my room dimensions are 7.0m l x 5.0m d, with an open atrium, equating to a medium size room). The E460 will be putting out around 190-200 watts @8ohms with a damping factor of 200 which should have *plenty* of power for your room size imho.