Accuphase E450 vs Pass INT150

Hi looking for an amp to power 4ohm PSB Synchrony Ones.
Want something with a combination of body in the mids and a tight bottom end, and not clinical on top as the speaker has a metal tweeter.

Considering these:
(1) Accuphase E450
(2) Pass INT 150
(3) Plinius Hiato or 9200
(4) Simaudio 600i
(5) ATC SIA-2-150

Thanks for your help
To add more to your lengthy list, consider the Luxman line of integrated amps. There is a fellow AG'r here that has tried the INT-150 and the 9200 from your list, amongst others, and tried the Luxman L-505u and now owns the L-550a II, prefering both over the others. That said, this is with different speakers. I will also disclaimer that I also use a Luxman.
Thanks, but unfortunately there is no Luxman distributor in Australia.

I tried the INT-150 against the ARC DSI200 today, but both are grossly overpriced in Australia, about US$9,500-10,000 after discount.

INT150 seemed to have more midrange body and tighter bass control, ARC had a lot more detail and deeper bass.

Plinius 9200 is well priced here, about $4500 discounted (as we're next to New Zealand).

Accuphase will be around $7500 discounted.
Forget to mention I can't get an Accuphase demo here, but I can demo the others....
There are numerous choices that compete in this catagory. Most sound great, and most are crimInally over-priced. If you have an Anthem dealer, try the 225. Its scary resonable, and sounds as powerful, and as organic as anything I've heard in a decade...Great speakers!
Will look out for the Anthem, I suspect it will be $3000 here.
My bank account is heading towards the ATC amp, a lot of favourable reviews out there. Interestingly enough its only $3400 here.
Found out I can get the ARC DSI200 for about $6500. SOmehow I suspect the one I heard was not fully broken in as it sounded quite clinical compared to the pass.
Between the two, the E450gets my vote.
The Luxman 505u are also very good for half the price of the E450.
Anyone know how tight the bass is on the Accuphase compared to the Pass or Simaudio?

Just found a Luxman dealer in Australia:) L505u is about $5300 (hopefully can discount)

although may not have enough watts for PSB Synchrony Ones to control the bass.

Although the new Stereophile suggests the ATC is ahead of the Luxman...John Marks says more authoritative and more resolving power, lower noise floor. Not sure what he means by ATC having more "modern" sound with Luxman being more "retro", "flattering"

ATC is about $3400 where I live.
If you can find a Jeff Rowland dealer and get a good price you may want to consider their integrateds. I have both the 9200 (owned for many years) and the JR C500. The 9200 w/c I use on a 2nd system is all-around excellent, but it is far, far bettered by the JR in refinement and balance.
Hi there
I have located the JR250 in Australia as well as the Luxmans...

may wait for the 507u Luxman to be released here in mid-May. Any Agon memebers tried it yet against 505u?