Accuphase E380

I am currently retired in southern Thailand. I’m am in the process of building a system for my home here. Not much hi end selection around. I live about an hour north of the Malaysian border so no auditions unless I fly to Bangkok or Singapore. I’ve heard good things about Accuphase. I’m looking for recommendations as I’ve never heard one. The route I want to go is bookshelf’s with a sub or two. Previously I’ve had Mcintosh, Krell and anthem. As far as speakers I’m used to B&W, Paradigm and Revel. How has your experience been? Clarity? Neutral? Warm? I don’t have any specs on the room; it has not been built yet  but I’m thinking around 20x40ft high ceiling and it will be treated  

 Thanks. Discopete. 


If you choose Accuphase,  keep in mind that Tannoys  are a good match .

In your part of the the world , this match is often praised.

+1, @maxwave 

Based on what you have owned, the pairing of Tannoy (especially the Prestige series) + Accuphase would offer a sublime experience. 

accuphase’s house sound is best described as more reserved, refined, subtle, natural, with less overt treble and deep bass emphasis... more about making the midrange be the magic... there is sufficient detail, sparkle and air but it is presented in a very non-aggressive unobtrusive way

not the best to impress your hifi friends for a short audition, but excellent for long term ownership and hours of engaging listening... in short, it is more the girl you marry, not one you pick up for a fling...

I must say that I listen almost anything. But I am a metal/deadhead from the west coast. I do like loud. Upwards of 92 to 95 db. But I will also relax to some good classical or jazz at lower levels. My system will be strictly digital at this point. Thank you. 

“But I am a metal/deadhead from the west coast. I do like loud. Upwards of 92 to 95 db.”

Given your propensity for ear deafening listening levels, I don’t think Tannoy or Accuphase would be a wise choice! 

@lalitk  what are your thoughts? I’m going to see Guns and Roses next month in Bangkok. So I will have a day or two to audition some gear. I’m just not real familiar with the products here as opposed to the US. I’m scaling down and the wife has to be happy too! Also i am not used to 220/240 power. Any help is greatly appreciated. 

+1 @lalitk

suggest klipsh cornwall forte or heresy powered by schiit vidar, naim or even the kinki exm1, run of mill class ab amp with decent build and good sound


Given the limited availability, I recommend lining up audition with dealers in Bangkok. You should hear few systems and decide which system or a component floats your boat. I would steer clear of boutique brands, a reputed well established dealer should afford you a wide range of brands from Europe, US and Japan. If you’re downsizing, Integrated from Gryphon ~ Diablo 300 comes to mind.

or take a short trip, hit the adelphi in singapore - a dozen high end retailers there under the one roof... have some chili crab after!

... have some chili crab after!

Yummy!!! 👍👍

Nov I will be in Singapore for vacation, can’t wait to enjoying all the delicious Singapore cuisine!


i am assuming you mean the dish on the right!  🤣

chili crab, kway teow, hainan chicken rice, laksa roti prata ... 🤤

Lot of high-end shops in Bangkok, should not be a problem finding something to taste.

I appreciate all of the insight gentleman. As I’m sure you most can understand. I have the bug. I’m overwhelmed and thrilled with being able to build a new system. I understand synergy and the importance of the way different components work together. I just really have the itch to do something I’ve never thought of or tried. I’ve heard great things about the Gryphon 300. Although I’ve actually never listened to one. It’s a love/hate hobby. I love it. My max budget is 25k. I’m open to all idea’s. I’d like to hear your thoughts. Thank you