Accuphase E-560 Voltage Conversion 100v to 230v

Hello All

I have just placed an order with a Japanese company to supply me with an Accuphase E-560 Integrated Amplifier. The obvious reason to order a Japanese (100v) Model is Price. I need to use it in the UK (230v 50hz). My initial thought was to use it with a Step down Transformer. However, I am getting increasingly concerned with idea.

I would really appreciate if someone can share their experience on the following:

1. Is there a performance issue with Step Down Transformer.
2. Has anyone used a Balanced Power supply with this Amp.
3. Advice on choosing Step down transformer.

And Most importantly:

4. Can it be converted to work on Higher Main Voltage of UK/EU/US.

Please share your thoughts.


The few Accuphase pieces I have come through here had multi tap primary transformers in them so it should be possible to convert to 230V quite easily, from memory there was even a diagram on the transformer.

If not just use a adequate sized step down / isolation transformer and you should have no issues.

Good listening

I don't mean to thread jack your thread, but I never understood the use of the phrase "step down transformer" when the voltage needs to be stepped up.
If it is any consolation to you I have heard of sucessful voltage conversions in both directions but have no personal experience doing it.
One of the problems encountered is people not recognizing the 100 volt Japaneses standard in this country where voltage are 115-120 volts with wide variances in some areas. This ultimately harms these pieces bought in many cases by GIs while in Japan.
It seems true, that step down transformers however work well from what I have read here and elsewhere, I certainly hope you find the same success.
Mechans...I don't understand either. Are you stepping up/down the voltage from the unit to match the wall or are you stepping up/down the voltage from the wall to match the unit? Or is it just semantics?
A lot of makers find it more economical to purchase a mains transformer that have the various inputs to work in all markets. You just have to find out which unused leads are for 230V.
Thanks for the responses, as I have already said, much appreciated.

To answer the question of whether its step up or down, in my opinion:

Electricity, like water, flows downhill toward the appliance. In my case, the mains supply is 230/240v but the Amp accepts 100v only, so a transformer which sits in between 'steps the voltage down from 230v to 100v', so I suppose it is rightly call a Step-down Transformer.

And otherwise would be true if someone took a UK/EU appliance to Japan.

Please keep sharing you experience about Accuphase.

Many Thanks
Most (if not all) accuphase components can be easlily converted. No need to buy a step down transformer.
Can anyone help?
Buy a service manual off ebay for your specific model. Search for accuphase service manual. In there, you'll find diagrams to show you which wire within the unit to switch to. Note you'll have to change the fuse as well which should be easy.
Does anyone have a Service Manual for E-560

Hi Onenippon

Sorry for the stupid questions but have you reached out to Accuphase or an Accuphase dealer about an E-560 voltage conversion? If so what did they say or did they not respond to your inquiry? That stinks if they have not gotten back to you.
No luck yet! Neither is very helpful.
If you send me a pic of your transformer taps, i might be able to help.

You can access it very simply by opening up the bottom panel on the amp when you flip it over.

I have a North American Spec. Accuphase A30 Amplifier which is very similar to your E560..

I can cross reference and send you the pic.

Newer Accuphase are not marked anymore as it's their intention to protect their overseas distributors and grey-market goods.
Hello Chinkwan, Sorry for the late response, here are some pictures of the Transformer inputs. Could you please share some of your pictures from the AMP.
You want to convert from 230V to 100V. I'm looking for the same. You should pay attention to the frequency in Japan are used 2 different frequencies (50Hz and 60 Hz).
Are you succesful in converting it? Planning to buy also from japan and use it in UAE (220V 50Hz)

have pictures of the model in 100v, 230v version of the I photo


have pictures of the model in 100v, 230v version of the I photo

This is a 220v unit for sale -