Accuphase E-550 Voltage conversion 230v to 120v

I have the HK model and am moving to the US (New York City). The Accuphase service center in California, as well as their HQ in Japan told me they will not do this. What to do? I'm not technical and don't think I can do any rewiring or soldering on my own. Any help/advice appreciated.
You have to open the bottom plate of your Accuphase E-550.
The wires are color coded. I do have a picture of Accuphase A-46 USA 120V version. I am sure it is similar for E-550.
Most if not all Accuphase components use multivoltage mains transformers (100/120/240V).
Thanks. The back plate clearly states 230v 50Hz only. If I open up the unit how will I know if it will work on 120v 60Hz? If it were that simple why wouldn't Accuphase be able to do it?