Accuphase E-470 or Luxman 590ax II ?

Hi, I have the opportunity to buy either a Accuphase E-470 or Luxman 590ax II for nearly the same price, the speakers are Graham Audio LS 5/9 (bbc speakers) 
The 470 I know is powerful enough , and I been told that the Luxman is much more powerful than the 30 Watts would suggest and should drive the 5/9 without problems in my 18 kvadrad room.
I don’t have a opportunity to try the amps at home.
From a sonic standpoint, which one would you recommend ?
I have owned both amps.   Luxman hands down, no contest.   A more equal comparison would be the Accuphase E-600 and the Luxman 590AX II.  
Yes, I know that the E-600 would be the natural comparison, but the 600 is nearly twice as expensive!!!
How did you like the Luxman on low volume?

I have an Accuphase E-470, which I bought because my Luxman L-550ax didn't quite have the juice to really light up my inefficient ATC SCM19's. The Lux really did have plenty of power, but I get a little exuberant with the volume control sometimes....

I thought each were built to an exceptional level of quality but I have to say that I absolutely love the E-470. The sound is not only extremely precise and dynamic but also warm and musical. 

I really think you would be very happy with sound of either unit; both perform at a very high level. Given that, perhaps you should give a little consideration to two other variables besides the sound. The Lux gets very hot. My 550 ran so hot that I can't imagine that it would have the same ultimate life span of the Accuphase. Both units are great looking. I think the Accuphase is one of the best looking components out there at any price. If I ever win the lottery and am able to buy a cost no object system; it would have Accuphase amps. I just love the house look.

Whatever you do you will be very happy. I'm a little tired of integrateds that give you only a source selector and a volume control. The full functionality of either of these Japanese units will be a joy to use.

Thanks for your input Oran, have you tried the headphone output on the two amps ?
Would you say that the Accuphase has a warmer sound signature ?

Did you loose any musicality going from class A to a class AB design ?
To be honest I can't really say which one sounded warmer, and maybe that's not even the right word. And recently I've made several changes to my system; new cart, phonostage, and now the ATC HTS40's (like the SCM40's but a different enclosure), so it's difficult to say with any certainty. I would only say that I've owned many integrated amps and separates before, and have listened at audio shows and high-end retail stores, etc., and can attest to the great musicality of either unit. I guess my point was that either unit will be a top notch performer. Class A offers theoretical advantages but the Lux will run very hot; that I know. 

I just think the Accuphase looks better, and I think your personal preference should at least be part of your consideration between these fine amps. Check out pics of my Accuphase in my virtual systems; it's called Music Is Magic


Forgot about the headphone question.... I have used them both, they both sounded great, but I've never owned top notch headphones or low sensitivity 'phones either.
To clarify, I have owned the Luxman L-590 AX followed by the Accuphase E-470 and now an Accuphase E-600. It’s a long story as to how and why I made that journey - suffice it to say it had a lot to do with speaker selections.

Unless you have difficult speakers to drive, the Luxman will provide a much purer sound than the Accuphase E-470. If I had to do it all over again, I would take the Luxman L-590AX even though I have the Accuphase. With a phono card, it’s twice the price of the Luxman and provides only a marginal improvement in sound quality.
greginnh, that’s my thinking too, I like the Accuphase looks better, but the class A e-600 is so much more expensive than the Luxman, also the Luxman already has a phone card built inn as standard and it is supposed to be rather good, so should I start spinning records again, I would be all set.
Only worrying aspect is the power, as I understand it goes 30 watts into class A then to about 90 into AB.
That the Luxman is said to be very powerful to be a 30Watter got me interested in it, as Class A is said to have better sound than a AB amp.
The Advantage S100 I have, gets quite warm, so maybe it is operating in class A for the first few watts, not sure.
I would like a bit more meat on the sound though.
Beautiful pics! oranfoster.
Guys, which amp for CD/SACD applications? I am not into a phono stage.
Happy Listening!
gryphongryph, I own the Luxman L-590AX. I wouldn’t call the sound warm. If I had to describe it, I’d say it’s neutral & uncolored, without being harsh or stark. I’d also take exception to the statement that it "runs hot". It gets warm, that’s about it. Maybe if I had the volume cranked way up all the time, it would be different, I don't know.
So, greginnh, do you still have the Luxman CD player? Or did you part with it as well? I don’t see many used ones for sale.
Builder3, I sold the Luxman D-06u and upgraded to an Esoteric K-01X.  
Thanks,Greg. The harsh reality is I may never have my other pieces equal to the amp. But I'm looking.
Oran, beautiful pics, both audio system and home. Very nice.
Well thanks jafant and builder for the nice compliment on my pics. Gryphongryph, I couldn't imagine that you will be nothing less than thrilled with whatever you choose. My experience with both brands has been wonderful. I'd love to know your experience and impressions should you acquire either of these fine components.

Oh, to be clear, my LX-550ax did get very hot, even when not being driven loud, but maybe the 550 runs warmer than the 590. And it never had any issued related to heat or otherwise.
oranfoster, that last paragraph is interesting. I wonder why. The heat factor was a concern for me, having never owned either Class A, or tubes. I was happy that the amp never gets more than warm.
The Luxman can be a lil to warm with the wrong cables. But I agree that it is less colored than Accuphase... I demoed the 590 and liked it a lot. Very easy to listen to on all sorts of music, audiophile recordings all the way down to crudy recordings sounding at least listenable. then I had an e560. It’s coloration (mainly in the highs) ended up bothering me in the long run. The coloration is eluded to in an old review where the reviewer used Dyn C1 speakers... I’d go Luxman for more of the long term ownership. 
I know that Accuphase keeps replaceable parts a long time after products go out of production, how is it with Luxman? Do they have the same policy?
Am a bit worried about the heat from the 590II
 although I live in a cold climate, our houses are well insulated and it would be a bit annoying if the windows would need to be open every time one wanted to listen to some tunes ;-)
Is the 590II dead quiet in operation, no hum or any hiss trough the speakers when no music I playing ?
It doesn't get THAT hot.  Unless your audio room is a broom closet, you will not notice the heat.  
gryphon, I was concerned about the heat before I bought my 590, it ended up being a non-issue. It gets warm to the touch, and no more than that. And to answer your last question, I just walked over and turned mine on, and left the tuner off. I cranked the volume knob up to about 3 o'clock. Dead quiet, no different than when it's off.
Thanks for the response, nice to know that it is dead quiet, also that the heat is not a problem makes this amp very interesting for me, am right now listening to Greg Brown on my Graham’s with my Advantage S100 amp with Roon and Primare Dac 30 as front end, sounds very nice, I think I prefer the Advantage to the DK Design, but I am sure the 590II would be a big upgrade in sound quality in my system.
Hopefully 30 class A watts are enough to drive the Graham’s.
Thanks for all your help guys.
Will talk with my dealer again when my smaller music/tv room is finished.
gryphongryph, driving your speakers is something I can't really answer, maybe someone else here is better at the math. Looks like your LS5/9's have a sensitivity of 87dB.  My Paradigm S6's are 91dB. I don't have to turn up the volume far at all for it to get very loud, which I don't usually do anyway. Wish I could offer more help.
Excellent information -guys.
Can anyone suggest a dealer/retailer that offers good to excellent selection for audition on both brands? Happy Listening!
It’s going to be tough to find a dealer that sells both. 
does your local shop carry Accuphase or Luxman? It is okay to list multiple shops for each brand. I would not suspect that (1) represents both brands under the same roof. My closest Accuphase dealer/retailer is in Dallas TX.
Happy Listening!
My dealer Audio Video Therapy in Nashua NH carries Luxman. In fact the Luxman rep was at the store a week ago at the store's annual fall audio show. Best sound at the show. One piece of info about Luxman their entire line is now made in Japan. They made some product in China but have completely pulled out. 
Hi Jafant

As linnlingo mentioned, AVT carries Luxman.  I have purchased several pieces from them.  I purchased my Accuphase gear from Legends (Cape Cod and Florida). 
greg, what were you running for speakers with that 590? Just curious,
TY- linnlingo
Happy Listening!
TY- greginnh
did you use the Tell-Q cabling w/ the Accuphase?
Happy Listening!
builder3 - I was using Aerial Acoustics 7T until a few months ago when I purchased some Totem Element Metals. I am considering a high-end tube rig so these will be more "tube friendly". I will be selling my E-600 in a few weeks to fund the upgrade.

Jafant - I am still using Tellurium Q Black Diamond also that may change depending on synergy with my new gear.
greginnh, thanks, I appreciate it.
TY- greginnh
Happy Listening!
greginnh, have you had a turntable in your system? I think that's going to be my next big expenditure. So far, my mind is fully 'boggled'.
When I was looking for info on your cables, I came across your thread here from earlier in the year. I assume the 803's are gone. What didn't you like about them? They've always intrigued me, but I've never seen or heard a pair.
I have a VPI Classic TT.  I like it a lot. 

I sold the 803's since I moved and my new room was too small for that speaker. 
The Classic is #1 on my list, other than the price. All of my recent purchases have been at a higher dollar amount than I would've really thought I'd be spending, although obviously still modest compared to many other member's systems. I don't have any regrets thus far.