Accuphase e-360 - anyone heard it?

I'm curious to know if anyone has heard this integrated. I'm thinking about auditioning it later this year with my Harbeth C7ES3's. I'm currently using a Rogue Cronus Magnum and my source is a Audiolab 8200CDQ. Any ideas on what differences I may encounter between the Rogue and Accuphase? I love my Rogue but I also miss solid state and feel like I might gain more than I lose. I'm looking for more detail with tighter bass at lower volumes. I don't plan on selling the Rogue. Just a suppliment.
Hi, Donjr. I have not heard the new E-360. IMO a class A Accuphase intergrated(used ok?)would fulfill your needs.
Thanks Dayglow.
I have an Accuphase E360 for a month now. I use it with a pair of Proac Supertowers and I have an Accuphase DAC 40 extension card so I can feed the amp directly from my USB. All I can tell you is that, straight from the box, the amp sounds incredible. It is very detailed, yet very refined. Allthough my speakers are a little bit harsh due to the titanium tweeters, the sound is sweet and does not hurt the ears. I tried all kind of music, the voices sound superb the soundstage is huge, the bass is very focused and controlled and very deep. My listening room is about 20 SQm but I'm planning to move the entire system into a 40 sq m room. Now I listen to about 1 on the dial with very good results. I don't think I can reach 9 o clock on the dial without pulverizing the windows. But back to the sound. You can listen for hours to this amp. I found out that there are new sounds in the songs I was listening to. And just for info I used to have separates. Naim Dac V1 with Marantz SM11 S1 linked with Chord Anthem reference interconnect which sounded very very well. But the accuphase integrated E360 is in a different league. The AAVA volume control allows you to increase the volume in very small increments because trust me you will need this finesse. The build quality is exeptional. It's like a jewel. I always find myself admiring this piece of craftmanship. I understand however that it sounds better after a few hundred hours of burn-in. How much better could it sound though.... I shall see and keep you posted.
I have the E-560 connected to Daedalus Argos V2 speakers and the combo is very good!
I've owned and heard Modwright, Ayon Triton II, Luxman 590 and more, with Daedalus.
Spendor speakers are similar to Harbeth. I heard the Lux on Spender and can see how the Accuphase would be grand!
From what you say you are looking for in this int, I say you will get it! Musical detail and tight bass, for sure.
I love my Accuphase E-560. Leaves very very little to be desired. That "very little" is just the audiophile merry-go-round in me.