Accuphase E-211? Any good? Sold in the US?

I'm looking for more info on the Accuphase E-211 integrated and was wondering if anyone has heard one. It's a 90w@8ohm, 115w@4ohm integrated amp.

I heard one over the weekend and thought it sounded quite nice in a friends system. He now asked if I would like to buy it, the price seems reasonable but not a give away deal.

I have been trying to find more info on it but there's not much to be found except on Audioreview with mixed reviews, the typical it's very good and the not so good. Overall a lot of people like it and it did sound very musical and quite surprisingly powered some power hungary monitors. We compared it (A/B) to a Musical Fidelity A5.5 and the Accuphase beat it overall but it had less authority and slam compared to the A5.5. The Accuphase had a better presentation.

Was this model ever sold in the States in a 120v version? Just wondering if it could be a grey market item and how I would be able to identify that? There seems to be very few of them in the States.


it was sold in the u.s., and is an excellent integrated.
The company has a very long record and its products tend to hold their value.
Thanks, I'm familar with Accuphase and the cult following. I can understand why, they have a very nice liquid and musical sound.

My concern was with this particular model possibly being from a grey market item and in the lower/bottom end of there model line and I almost virtually can not find much information on them or a professional review (if that means anything) except for a tear sheet and one site of some owners comments. I'm just trying to find out more info on this particular amps performance and sound. I'm also trying to find out the fair market value.

Do you find it strange that there is not much difference between the 4ohm load and 8ohm (90w@8ohm, 115w@4ohm)? It's a not an A-class amp. My speakers are 4ohm @ 85db but the amp is still pulling it's weight much better than I would have thought.

Thanks in advance and sorry for the simple questions.
While a perfect SS amp would double its power every time the impedance is halved this requires a massive power supply, something like the big Krells or my CJ 350 or MF NuVista M3. My Meridian 605s, although very good amps which cost $3500 a pair in the early 90s will not do it. Amp specs tell you little about how an amp will actually sound or perform in a particular situation. The bottom line is if you like the sound don't worry about the specs as long as it is functioning properly. Some combinations that look bad on paper are very good in actual use.
So did you buy e211?
What speakers do you have?