Accuphase E-202 Integrated Power Up Noise

I just picked up an Accuphase E-202 in very good shape. What a beautiful integrated amp! A warm, powerful sound stage with superb imaging and pinpoint accuracy. My question is: does anyone know why when powering up I hear a faint hum for a second or two until it completely kicks on and when powering off I hear a little "chirp" out of the left channel only? This occurs even with volume is all the way down. Other than these issues the amp functions flawlessly.
may need recapped
what you may be hearing is a power On/Off relay starting to fail. Mine got to the point where it would cycle on / off several times until it would finally turn on. Accuphase has an authorized repair facility in L.A., California. Check out their website to get an address.
Thank you for your response. My unit started to cycle through like yours then one just would not turn on. I had suspected all along that it would need recapping and you helped verify the On/Off relay issue. Thanks again, this amp is definitely worth the effort.
good for you. i have a vintage accuphase power amp, and once it was recapped, all was well.