Accuphase E-202 and P-300 Pre/Power combo???


I'm hoping someone here may be able to answer this question for me. I recently bought an E-202 and absolutely love it. I'm wondering whether it is possible and a good idea to use it in combination with a P-300? Has anyone used them together, and what could I expect in terms of sonic extra pleasure? Or indeed what about using the E-202 with any other Pre/Power units including tubes?
The E 202 is a lovely machine. One person I knew used it as a pre in combo with a P300. Frankly, I couldn't tell much of a difference when he hooked the 202 direct one day. Maybe because the speakers were very sensitive?

So, if you're driving yr speakers OK now, why worry?
I guess you may be right. I just thought that if you have separate units powering the treble and the bass you'd get a cleaner result with perhaps better soundstaging and more effortless sonics?
anyone else got had any experience of this? I also would like like to know whether the 202 would match better with the p300 or p250?
The P250 has basically the same amp section as a E202 so there is really no advantage to using the E202 as a pre-amp to drive a P250. The only advantage to the P300 is its greater power. But all in all, if you want Accuphase separates, get a C200 and be done with it!