Accuphase DV60 or modded Oppo BDP-83?

Looking to upgrade my digital front end. I live in an apartment, so a one box solution would be nice. Either looking at a stock Esoteric DV60 or an Oppo BDP-83 modded by Modwright, or by EVS ( I want to use it for redbook cd's as well as dvd's. Not really into dvda's or sacd's. Wouldn't mind the option of bluray though.
The other rhought is a stock Oppo BDP-83 with an external DAC such as the Red Wine Audio Isabellina. That way, I could do USB computer playback as well.
Decisions, decisions........anyone with any ideas or advice?
I did a quick search on the Esoteric and came up with about $3000. If that's the case, then I would personally go for the Oppo BDP-S83, which would give you about $2500 for the best DAC you could afford. Then you would get Blu-ray AND USB playback capability.

I've never been the proponent for expensive transports. The job of a good DAC is to reject electronic interference and jitter, so assuming if one is performing as intended, what would be the point of spending excessively on the digital part of the chain, especially with digital correction? If necessary, an Oppo with a modded power supply would still be better value.

I think if you get the Oppo BDP-83 with Modwright MOD, you should be all set. Further upgrade will NOT be good ROI IMHO.

I agree with Rakuennow on transports ... the transport is always the 1st to go in all my players. Currently I have a MW Transporter, all software (CD, 24/96 ...) ripped to an external USB drive and using my laptop to serve the music. It's very convenient and excellent sound.

I just bought an Oppo BDP-83 for BluRay (VERY few SACDs :-)). I'm very impress with the stock unit so planning for the MW MOD next week or so.

My .02