Accuphase dp90 dc91 are they still good?

I am wondering if anyone has heard this vintage digital rig. How would it compare with modern equipment? Could digital from the early 90's still function well? Bob
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It is generally best to avoid old digital. CD players are computers and their performance will be overtaken by newer CD players as the relevant technologies progress. I have a 1994-vintage Cal Audio Labs tubed DAC up in the closet that is quite enjoyable to listen to, but it does not compete with modern digital gear of like cost. As another example, I replaced a 1996-7 designed Madrigal 37/360s combo with a 2002-designed ARC CD-3 single-box that sounds better and cost 40% of the Madrigal.

At least with respect to the two-channel market, the same is not true for amps and preamps. By the mid-90's, the quality of the components used in the manufacture of high-end amps and preamps (resistors, transformers, capacitors, etc.) had matured to the point that the parts available today are generally no better (and sometimes worse). With respect to tube circuit designs, there has been little innovation in the last ten or fifteen years (some would say longer) that has yielded real improvements. In solid-state, the only new analog design that has yielded better sound in my opinion is the darTZeel. Digital amplification has come on the scene in a big way in the past few years, but it has not yet matured to the point where it can be used in resolving two-channel systems except for bass amplification. I find that mid-90's high-end two-channel amps and preamps are generally better sounding for the money than today's high-end two-channel gear, as the two-channel market was much bigger back then and manufacturers had the business volume to support the use of expensive manufacturing techniques like hand (point-to-point) wiring and the purchase of expensive parts for use in their gear. Try to find a currently manufactured amp that is point-to-point wired and uses Vishay resistors (Atma-Sphere).

Turntables have improved greatly and speakers continue to get better, but there are a lot of people out there who refuse to give up their old LP-12's, Apogees or Quad's, and a lot of people can only listen to SET gear on single-driver speakers, all of which has been around for years.

In any event, the Accuphase digital gear that interests you has high build quality, but I would venture to bet that a modern $700 Rotel single-box is going to sound better.
Most of my gear is from the mid 90's or earlier. I have revamped Apogee Scintillas with a pair of CJ Evolution 2000 hybrid amps. I do use a modern Supratek Chenin preamp which I think is an outstanding value. My front end believe it or not is the first Playstation 1 which sound wonderful to my great surprise. I have been told that this earlier Accuphase uses the same chipset as the Zanden. Bob