Accuphase DP75v Vs. Meridian 808.2

Which one of the two

1. Accuphase DP75V
2. Meridian 808.2

Is the best choice when you put in cost and performance together? Anyone who have compared the two ? I know that the Meridian 808.2 is one of the best CDP ever made but i also heard DP75V is amazing as well, and they cost about the same when new.

But which is one is the better choice if stacked on a A/B test?

Would an 808.2 be an "upgrade" from an EMM CDSA-SE ?
(I know this is a controversial subject with lots of
implications in the question, which is admittedly oversimplifed.)
Interesting enthusiasm for the 808.2. I have it for demo in my system for 3 weeks. It's a nice player, but my setup was meaningfully better, and I have heard better digital on systems based on EMM labs and playback designs.
Meridian 808.2 by a huge margin. what that player can do for Redbook CD's is nothing short of a miracle.