Accuphase DP700 versus dCS Puccini cd/sacd player

I am using one AA prestige , but sometimes I thinkig in changing my cd/sacd, I am in doubt between these two sacd/cd players, accuphase DP 700 verus dCS Puccini cd/sacd player, is anyone with experience withs these two sacds?
I am also intrigued by Accuphase DP700 as a possible alternative to my Esoteric X-01 Limited. I have not heard DP700 yet, but hope to find it at RMAF in 2 weeks.

I have had the DP700 on loan for 2 weeks before getting the ARC CD-7 - the latter was overall a more acomplished performer. After a year and a half I sold the CD-7 and bought a Puccini, which, again, was a major improvement.

So, although I did not have a chance to compare the DP700 and the Puccini head to head, I think that the dCS is simply a better player.