Accuphase DP-90/DC-91 combo.

I just bought a nice Accuphase DP-90/DC-91 combo and I have a few questions:
- The light in the "Accuphase-Logos" is very weak. I've found out that the light source is a special blue panel, measuring 47 x 27 mm. Does anyone know where to buy new light-panels and how much do they cost?
- I've head that installing a better clock should improve soundquality. Has anyone tryed this with succes and which clock should I use (LClock, Audiocom). Should I use a special powersupply for the clock?
- The powercords looks quete regular. Has anyone tryed replacing the powercords with better ones and did the sound improve? Which powercords should I use?
- The combo should sound best using a ST optical digital cable. Which one should I buy and where do I get one - or is a XLR coxial cable better the better choice - which one?
- Are there any other tweeks that I should use?

Thank you for your help.

Best Regards

i once owned a 90/91 combo. for parts replacement contact axiss (the usa importer) in glendale, ca or, better, the distributor serving denmark (check out the accuphase website). i never even imagined that you could improve the sound of this system with an after market clock. the units are specifically desinged to complement one another, especially with respect to clock speed. i replaced the power cords on my units with tara, the one. they provided a quite apparent improvement in focus, sound stage and dynamics, albeit at a fairly steep price. imo, the best type of cable to use between the units is aes/ebu.
Hi Cornfedboy

Thanks for your answer. I'll try and get me a good aes/ebu cable end better powercords.
"the units are specifically desinged to complement one another, especially with respect to clock speed"

please explain......! changing the cheap crystal in the DP-90 to a much better clock has absolutely nothing to do with "clock speed"......!

i believe that putting a better clock in the DP-90 will improve this combo alot......i never heard of a player with this kind of "clock" that didn't improve alot with a new and better clock....!

comments please..... :-)
I have an Accuphase DP-75V. I was interested in doing some upgrade mods to "improve" the sound quality. I was advised by a well known mod guy at the CES not to do it! You might be able to improve the sound; you might also deteriorate the sound. One thing is for certain, you will destroy the resale value of your units.