Accuphase DP-77 or DCS P8i?

I am upgrading my trusted Marantz SA-11S1 (anyone interested please drop me a line). I also want the player to be able to be used as a DAC for other digital source, and I pretty much narrowed it down to the Accuphase DP-77 and DCS P8i as both looks great on paper to my needs.

For me, I am an Accuphase fan and now using their E-530 to drive a pair of Dynaudio speakers. Going with DP-77 for sure would have some synergy and would be good to look at cosmetically. And I do like the build quality and reliability of Accuphase products.

The biggest plus for DCS to me is it has digital volume control and from what I read in Stereophile review, it works great directly with power amps. As good as the E-530 sounds in my system, I still feel like a bit more power from an separate power amp for the Dynaudios, and it would be great I can save the pre-amp with the DCS.

Which one would you go with, if both can be get at similar price used?

(If you want to ask, I listen to mostly Classical, orchestra work, then some vocal and Jazz. I like the sound to be "musical" but I believe a good player can be both detailed and musical).

Your thoughts are much appreciated!
I believe the Accuphase also has a digital volume control feature...if that was the biggest plus for the DCS as you stated...
I have the Accuphase DP-77 and it is a superb machine. The Accuphase also has a digital volume control but you should be aware that any cd player attenuating the digital signal in this way causes a drop in resolution.

I have found the Accuphase to be the best I have heard on regular CD's and a further revelation on SACD. It has received rave reviews in Europe.

I would also suggest that you connect with Accuphase cables, the basic ones will do. These are the best kept secrets and even the cheapest at around $140 outperformed some big "name" silver cables that i paid $1200 for.
Hi Pap, Thanks for the message. I bought the DP-77 a week ago and indeed it was a great upgrade from my Marantz! Most difference is in the low end, it made my whole system sounded much more powerful and robust. Even use Marantz as transport and use DP-77 as DAC was a big improvement.

Also as you mentioned, I tried the digital volume control to E-530's direct ext. pre input. It does sound quieter (almost no background noise) but it did not sound better than using E-530's own pre-amp. I guess it has something to do with your comment about the resolution. It also sounds less full than through pre-amp. Do you have any reference discuss this matter? Thanks

The DP-77 does come with original Accuphase cables, they are very nice, but they are single ended RCA, at this moment I still prefer my Tara Labs XLR interconnect (not perticularly expensive one) with E-530, though I think DP-77 is not really a balanced design (both balanced and sigle ended has same 2.5V output), the diagram on manual seems to confirm this as well. What is your thought on this? Thanks
I only just saw your response . It is no surprise about the digital volume. Apart from the resolution issue, I think a good pre-amp will usually do more good than harm to the overall sound.

Take a look at the Q & A with Accuphase engineers in the following link:

I'm not sure whether the DP-77 is a balanced design but I would usually try the balanced cables if the pre-amp had decent balanced inputs.
The DCS P8i has been discontinued two years after introduction, it sounded bright and glaring when compared to Wadia, Accuphase or Audio Aero CD players, IMHO.
The new one-box DCs player is the Puccini, which I have not heard so far.

The two players are totally different in sound signature. The DCS P8i is very dynamic, detail and can sound a bit harsh depending what your system consists. The Accuphase DP-77 have a more laid back kind of sound with great mid bloom. The newer Accuphase players like the DP-500 and DP-700 are more dynamic without sounding harsh.

The Puccini will be the better player out of the lot especially adding the U clock.

I found IMO, only the newer wadia's like the 581SE can sound half decent driving direct.

lastly, all of the mentioned lacks something when used driving power amps directly.

Hope this helps.