Accuphase DP-700?

I would like to know if someone listened the new accuphase SACD DP-700?
I haven't, but I have ordered one today!
I hope to get one next week.
I did not but I talked to one of the European dealers of Accuphase (a friend of mine) and he said that it is just phenomenal, he listened and compared it to DP-800/DC-801 and he said it is so close that he wonders how anybody will buy 800/801 combo at 40% or so extra cost?! ... unless money no object for these couple of % of extra performance, and it would need top notch Accuphase (or equivalent) gear down the line to really appreciate that diference (his particular set-up was Accuphase C-2410 + P-7100, a couple of PS-510/1210) with the newest Von Schweikert VR-5A (BTW, even better in its mid-range than older VR-5SE model) at the end, played in acoustically nearly-perfect room. DP-700 beats clearly everything (CD/SACD-wise) Accuphase produced to date with the exception of recent DP-800/801, and no blind test necessary - it is so obvious from the first notes. A German Audio Magazine is ranking DP-700 on the third spot after DP-800/DC-801 (top position among all CD/SACD players they ever reviewed) and Esoteric P-03/D-03 but before DP-78.

You bet, I am switching from my DP-85 to DP-700 soon, as well.
I have one at home right now. Sounds promissing. BTW - how much does the DP-700 retail for in the US ?
but in that German magazine, there was never tested other top digital gear like Emmlabs, dCs, APL, Zanden, Boulder e.t.c. and on the other hand the Accuphase is vry often in it's pages (if you know what I mean)!
Elberoth2 and hobby, if you have had enough time with this player give us your feedback please, specially with CDs as i do not have many SACD titles at the moment i believe like many others.
As I said in another thread - I will post my impressions in "Reference DACs" thread - it will be a longer writeup, which just takes time to write.
Haven't received mine yet...
It may take a while if your dealer doesn't have one in stock - they are heavily backordered worldwide ...