Accuphase DP-67 CD Player/Processor

Anyone know what the MSRP is of the Accuphase DP-67? I am very curious.

Really nice cd player. Just purchased one recently and like it better than Wadia 860x.
Salamon67 - Would you share your findings with us on the Wadia/Accuphase comparison from your perspective?


Has anyone compared it to the old DP75V?
Excellent cd player. high analytical capability. I can now hear many sounds(high frequency) from my cds that I have never heard before with my Marantz cd player. Even partnered it with the super-tweeter of Tannoy, the dp67 is still far superior. You don't need any super-tweeters if you own a set of dp67. It can read any cd quickly and give you everything burnt on the disc. Just don't understand how the dp 77 or 87 can be possible to do better!?
I have one and all I can say is: It's a superb CD player. Magical.