Accuphase DP-570 vs. Estoric K05XS

The above 2 models price is quite close, but according to my listening experience with Estoric DP player, it would sound much better with a same brand clock which also cost much extra. It would be highly appreciate if there is some one who has experience to compare the sound performance of the two models. 
I have an Esoteric X-3 and find it is extremely analog sounding.  I bought it in 2012 and will keep it for as long as I can. 
Dear Stereo,

Thank you very much for your prompt response.
I heard Estoric K03xd new version on one of it's dealer site.
The performance is pretty good just like you said. The shop owner had the same opinion for he regarded it is the most analogue similar sound so far.  However, in addition to the high price of the K-03xd, it is better to add a same brand clock to make it perform even better which cost a lot as total expense.   That is why I am considering the not so expensive player.....And try to find out the proper answer here.

I don’t use any re-clocking device and my CD’s sound excellent.  You can always buy one later if you still feel you need it.  If you want the best, go with DCS all in one CD player. 
When shop do the demo with clock, you can tell there is big difference with or without clock. That is the problem. Though the boss of the shop told me that there are also many Estoric CD player users who do not buy clock as combination, but 
when your ears can aware the big listening difference, it would be hard to have one without it.   But it will push up the owner cost big jump.
I heard  once that DCS had good sound, but it is rumored that it might need more  maintenance.  Generally, Japan high end products last longer.