Accuphase DG-48

Hi everybody,

does anyone have experience in using the DG-48 and would like to share it?

The logic of the DG-48 is self-explanatory. Anyhow the price is extremely high.

Hi Christian

I do not have experience with the Accuphase DG-48 room correction system,
but I do have experience with its predecessor, i.e. the DG-38 unit.

I am extremely happy with my DG-38 and I highly recommend it. IMO such
units should be mandatory in every serious system. However, I should warn
you that it is not straightforward to set it up. The instruction in the Accuphase
DG-38 manual regarding the room correction set up are very basic and vague.
(No information what so ever is given about what the units is actually doing.
One has to follow blindly a series of steps, which often are explained very
poorly.) I've heard of quite a few people (including dealers!) who dump the
unit because they were not able to set it up properly. (Without the room
correction function, the unit will be just an expensive equalizer. Useful, but
ultimately extremely overpriced.).

It is possible that in the DG-48 Accuphase tried to polish the set-up
procedure and the manual. Though, given how bad these things were in its
predecessor, I doubt they were able to solved them completely.

In case you want to purchase a new units be aware that the DG-48 is
approaching the end of its life cycle. Thus, try to get a healthy discount for it.
Also, it would be best to buy the unit from a dealer that has experience with
it, so he/she can help you with the set-up.

On the other hand, if buying 2nd hand is not a problem go for a DG-38. If
things do not work out, you can always sell it with no significant loss (if any).

Good luck and keep us posted.