Accuphase DG-28 phono EQ possible?


I am looking at the accuphase website and in the DG-28 page it indicates that there is an option board for phono stage


On the other hand the digital option board's manual says the AI-AD1 Analog Disc input option card for MM/MC Disc Equalyzer (A/D 20bit,fs48kHz) is only applicable for DC-300 & DC-330.

For people who has experience with DG-28. Do you know if it's possible to use the option board to do EQ with a turntable with MC cartridge?

Thanks in advanced.
Send an e-mail to Accuphase. They will answer you.
Thanks bigbucks. Yes I have submitted a form a few days but haven't heard back from them yet. I am going to try their distributor. Perhaps they would have some information for me.
The Accuphase list of board-unit compatibility is here and it agrees with the board manual.
Thanks T-bone. You mean the boards manual says it can not be used with the dg-28 and therefore the information in the catalog is incorrect?

Sorry I am still confused as there shouldn't be any reason you can't use ai-ad1. What am I missing? I would very much like to try it but don't have the analog disc option board. Thanks.
with analog, going thru the DG28 will convert your analog to digital then back to analog.
I personally wouldn't want to go to that route.
DG28 is great for digital source but for analog, it kinda makes vinyl sound digital.
The Accuphase grid of compatibility says the AI-AD1 is NOT compatible with the DG-28. The AI-AD1 manual says it is is only applicable for the DC-300 and DC-330. Therefore the compatibility grid which I linked to and the manual of the option board agree.

I have seen on the DG-28 manual that it says any option board listed there (including the AI-AD1) can be used.

I cannot offer you any reasoning for why they say it cannot be used in one place and it can be used in another. I would suggest you wait for Accuphase's response to your email. I have found them to be responsive in the past.
Thanks for the replies guys. What Nolitan just mentioned here is most likely the reason Accuphase does not see it fit to support it as an option board...

Here is more information I got from a forum from Taiwan:

ChrisH: I used to own Accuphase DG-28 along with AI-AD1(mm/mc phono stage) and AO-B2(balance output) many years back.No problem for you to use AI-AD1 as an analogue input and feed into your line Preamp via balance output.

Note that your analogue signal will be RIAA equalized and amplified through AI-D1 initially and then digitalized by DSP chips, digital signal goes to balance output board incorporates with 20-bit DAC and restores to analogue signal. The signal path seems weird or brings owls to Athens but you may have some fun to adjust the equalization other than RIAA.