Accuphase Clean Power Supply

Can anyone comment on its sonic benefits both with Accuphase gear and other manufacturers. Are there any alternative devices which may offer better price/performance value?
Absolutely! Save your money and try out the PS Audio Power Plants!!! They have three models in production: P300, P600, P1200. Go to and read all about them! I am running a P300 for my front-end components and a P600 for my amps (2 Ayre V-3 stereo amps in bi-amped configuration).

You won't regret it!

PS Tell them I sent you.

Happy Listening.


Tim O'Connor
Janesville, WI
hi linkster! the accuphase conditioners are pricy but they out perform anything else i've ever heard (or not heard). plus, they look way cool in a stack of matching accuphase components. ;~) -kelly
I have not heard the Accuphase, but I have an Exact Power 2000, which I like a lot. Check out the review in Secrets of Home theater and High Fidelity ( It can deliver more power (up to 2000 watts) than the PS Audio stuff and is only $2495. It's obtainable through Perpetual technology's web-sales spin off AV123, with a 30 day trial. It only corrects to 60 hertz, unlike the PS Audio stuff with Multiwave, but this may not be that much of a disadvantage. Good lukc. Jamie