accuphase class A vs. Sugden class A


For my studio system with Merlin TSM MMe I am currently considering Class A amps, after having heard some of the great tubes - my favorite the Berning ZH270, in use with my home system and VSM's.

After coming close to Accuphase E550, I would also like to hear about the Sugden Masterclass AA power amp, or Integrated.
Bear in mind, that I have extensive experience with the Pathos TT, which I dearly loved, but had to give up due to a water damage :-(

Are they comparable to the Pathos? And to each other? what else?

Sugden masterclas series amp is one of the most underrated amp IMo.

If you have a chance to audition it you should really try to listen;super sweet sound and a massive sound stage.

The problem is it run REALLY hot,but what a sound!!![match it with ANY Harbeth speaker and you have a combinations that could beat ANY system in the world in term of musicality,IMO
Please consider Acoustic Plan - it has the same basic design of a Pathos but ay a higher level - I own one and think will not move from there for a long time.
Hello, I now have a masterclass power amp, which is with 70W Class A quite a beast for the small Merlin Tsm. So far so good, except that it has not run and seems slightly cool (in sound, not temperature..)
I am a violinist, and listen mainly acoustic classical music and jazz.
So basically i am waiting to hear the wonders that other people told about..
..and, I do not know the acoustic plan. the sugden i purchased, because it had to go, but i won't loose anything in case. I just wondered about the accuphase, as it would mean to minimise (If you call such a big thing minimal)