Accuphase cdp direct guys:

What SS amps do you use (tubes are out for me)? Since the Accuphase isn't primarily a balanced unit, what amps are being used single-ended? (And isn't reconfiguring xlr plugs a hassle, anyhow, if you decided to go balanced?)
GamuT, J Rowland, Pass...all these quality SS amps are balanced. Help!
The Pass X-250 accepts RCA inputs and I do not feel that I loose anything that significant without the balanced ICs.
I appreciate the feedback, I've been going through a lot of equipment changes lately. I just started running the Pass w/balanced between pre and amp and there was an improvement: seems like the instruments are more clearly etched (I've been thinking of losing the pre, or even both Pass to run single-ended). Sometimes I get the distinct impression this hobby is driving me cuckoo.
You should check into Edge. Their amps mate well with Accuphase and are only single ended -- they claim performance suffers in balanced mode.