Accuphase CDP

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has had experience with an Accuphase CDP fed directly into an amp. The dealer from whom I purchased my speakers (Proac 1SC) demonstrated them with an Accuphase CDP and a variety of Cary amps. Thanks for your input. Dave
It is best to use a preamp with any cdp, I have a Accuphase dp-75 and have used it staight into my amp with great results, but adding a preamp has always improved the dynamics and the you are there feeling that a direct cdp input cannot achieve.A direct input will always impress you with great detail,but after inserting a quality preamp there is no going back.An amp requires the large voltage swings of a preamp to achieve its maximum performance and most cdps do not have this ability. My cdp can output 2.5 volts and my amp has a sensitivty of just 350mv which should be more than an adequate ratio for great performance, but a high quality preamp can swing upward of 25 volts which is what an amp needs to perform at its maximum.You will be able to play your cdp directly into your amp and enjoy the sound and with an Accuphase cdp I am sure it will sound great, but just remember there is better sound to be had when you add a high quality preamp.
also agree that even though accuphase cd players have vol control in them, its still best to use them with a pre-amp or integrated amp rather than plug straight to a power amp.
a while ago i posted my experiment on my accuphase dp500 with and without a preamp. in the end i preferred the pre route. try to do a search on that thread.
Well, hate to disagree here, but a while back I had the
Accuphase DP75V and an Mark Levinson No. 32 preamp and
when I took the preamp out, the direct feed from the Accuphase
was a definite improvement: less haze, faster, smoother,
better, more definitive & clearer bass. This is from
3-4 years ago.
I own Accuphase DP-67. I tried both and preferred "with preamp". Fuller sound.