Accuphase CD-67 vs. CD 75v used

One of the things that I like about Accuphase is that they publish, in some detail, and side-by-side, the technical make-up of both new and older models. That's the good news. The bad news is that I do not really know what any of it means. But I did compare the technical reports on the 67 vs. 77 vs. older 75v on just the CD input(SCAD- who cares - I do not). What struck me was that the 67 and 77 seemed somewhat similar with the exception that the 77 incorporates a jitter' control mechanism (I really do not know what I am talking about and I really do not want to know). It seemed to me that the inner guts of the conversion and filtering processes of the 67 & 77 are somewhat similar in these units. The reason I am bringing this up is because I have decided to buy the Accuphase and I am trying to figure out whether the updated technology behind the 67 (and not dissimilar to the 77) beats the 75v, given that I could care less about SACD at this time. It has always seemed to me that Japanese corporations adhere to an excellent strategic concept. Ala Lexus/Toyota: adhere to to the best of the best strategy on your flagship line, controlling quality to its utmost, then, as you forge a new advance, pass that refined technology down to your mid-level products. And, while that hand-me-down technology may make cheaper models better than used expensive older models (the Toyota/Lexus analogy), it keeps you a step ahead of your rivals. You see, I cannot audition anything. I am in the hinterlands. I have to rely on everything else I can get my hands on. System-- The CHOSEN CD player, balanced interconnects and Stax Omega 007 (balanced tube headphone amp) headphones. That's it. I next plan to get an analogue system to play all my old ECM jazz recordings.
An insider gave me this tip: the latest model has the most up to date converter. The latest model is the DP-67. It is also sold out till Nov.2004. If you find one get it.