Accuphase C2420 + A47

I own a Accuphse A47 to push Dynaudio Countour 1.3SE, I am intending to find a pre-amplifer to replaced the old pre-amplifier which is a tube one. On the budget wise, do you think C-2420 is a good choice.  My preference is clasical music. I like thick, solid, not too fast sound.
I have not heard the A47 but I'm familiar with the C-2420 and it makes tough guys cry. It will be thick and solid but as you know with your class A amp, it's going to be as sweet as a Grand Marnier soufflé.

Dear Donjr,

Thanks a lot for your kind reply.  You mean you own a C-2420. Am I correct? Which power amp. do you have? How's the combination sounds like?

great preamp, i wish i could afford 1, it is way overpriced here in the us. anyway, it should go great with the a-47. i can't see why it wouldn't...
Faust, I actually have the E-600 integrated. I've heard some of the other separates though. 

Dear donj,

In fact, when I bought my A-47, the dealer demo the E-600 to push one of the Taoc HI end bookshelf speaker (The one had been chosen by the leading choice for the Stereophile which cost about US$20,000/pair.). Together with the Burmester CD player and Burmester DAC. The overall sound is quite great with details, transparency, clean and very musical interpretation.  I am using an old tube Pre which made by my former friend. He improve the AR's SP-3 somewhat about 30 years ago. It still sounds good except the parts are getting older and some times the sound is not balance (one side is bigger, one side with smaller volume.).

The overseas Accuphase selling price are much higher than those in Japan....  But we have not much choice, sometimes, the using of 2nd hand is one of the choice with affordable price. 

Hi, Dave,

As you said, the C-2420 is not cheap, that is why I am careful to ask some users or someone with more experience in audio to provide their opinions..........Thank you for your understanding.

I have paired Accuphase P-4500 with C-2420, and found sound is absolutely warm, air-trasparent, and basses dense. I am using Accus to drive custom 3-way 8Ohm speakers, 30..25000 Hz, 89dB/m, and less than 1% distortion. New P-4500 design seems is very different beast, comparing to P-4200, much lower noise and better low tones. The best part of Accu-combo is a native PHONO in C2420, which makes Vinyl listening close to unplugged performance, blues and classical music specifically. Not sure if I should try Accuphase A-48 as well, any advice?
I had the C3800 & A65 combo for a few years pushing Dynaudio S25,s and finally found a Audio Research Ref 3 pre for a great price and felt the Ref3 offered better separation and 3d imaging that the 3800 just didn't have. 

I think you can find better preamps for far less than Accuphase. I love there amps but think the pre are not as good. Accuphase amps match very well with a great tube pre. and with your budget I think a Audio Research Ref 5se would sound spectacular with your A47 and dan 1.3.

Dear Mr, Tecknik,

Thanks a lot for your reply. Since I have not visit here for a period of time. So, I  bought a C2820 3 month ago.  My opinion is that  JP  amp. seems short of punch.