Accuphase C2400 How does it compare?

Just out of curiosity, and I'm in the market, how does this beauty compare to preamps such as Aethetix Calypso, or Pass XP20? Is it in the same league or is it just an old school pretty face?

This unit has tone controls. You remember, bass and treble. It's somewhat amusing to me now looking at my Yamaha CR-820 - sitting in the closet next to this computer - which even has a loudness control. Those were rather useful. I know in the purest sense, tone controls can be considered subtractive but I sort of miss them.

Anyone here evn compared or had a listen to one of these C2400's?
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I sort of figured this wasn't a popular model preamp as there's so little information. But it is intriguing.
I have C2400 and it makes absolute fantastic sound with the Accuphase 50V Class A amp driving my Maxx3.
It has to be used in balanced mode for best result.
And those tone controlls are really handy. I can t understand why most high ends preĀ“s s lacks them.
I had the C2800 and it was outstanding - very clear and dynamic. I had it after an Aesthetix Callisto Sig dual PSU, replaced by a Levinson 32, which was replaced by a BAT VK50SE. The Accuphase replaced the BAT. Definitely a great preamp and offers a lot of features and options (plug in cards).
So there is some love for this preamp. Don't know how it would sound with a Pass Labs X350.5 but it's definitely on my need to consider list. I'm down to about 4 preamps to choose from. The others are Pass XP20, Aethetix something, Esoteric C-03 and now the Accuphase.
I don't quite understand, how you can be down to about 4 preamps, hence you (seem) to know little about it. I presume you have read the sales-blur?

I have had the Accuphase E550, regret having sold it. This integrated is somewhat a C2400 plus A30, and it sounded just splendid in a cool unassuming way.

And thats where I try and answer your question:

There are some really good second hand units to be found:

BOW the Warlock
ML 380S

both these units have a slight dark background, but are very transparent.


Berning the new ZOTL preamp I have it, love it, phenomenal phono stage!!! (Very comparable to the Accuphase, but somehow seemed more charakteristic, fast?)

Solid State:

Audiopax M5 Great but you might end up changing your settings more often than you'd want. Again, this could stand up to the Accuphase when properly set up!

Am afraid, that was not very useful?!
To sum up my question regarding the Accuphase, I was curious to know what signature, or, what might set this preamp apart from others as it seems to me (a guess), that it might be either very nuetral and accurate because from what I remember about Accuphase products in general, that's what they are, accurate. Or it may possess a specific signature to them or to the specific model I asked about.

I can't roll preamps. My last pre was a Cary SLP-05. It was great but I found myself spending a lot of time rolling tubes. I had a lot more time to do just that. Now I have a 10 month old and would rather "play" with Jr than to roll tubes. I spent a fortune on NOS tubes. Don't wish to repeat that either. (Yikes does that add to the cost). That being said I understand how tubes can really add to the "music" experience and I'm really passionate about the music. So a tube preamp isn't out of the possibility as long as I can easily dial it in and with some models, this appears to be the case.

Any insight is useful.