Accuphase C-290V: how good is it?

Hi folks, can you tell me: how good is the Accuphase C-290V. I know it is meticulously engineered (with some awesome ALPS RK-50 potentio meter), but how is it sonically? Is it better than most no compromise tube preamplifiers, like the CAT or Audio Research REF III? Thank you.

And how does the Accuphase C-290V compare against LAMM L2 Reference? Thanks.


I haven't compared it to the Lamm L2. But I can say that it is very good. Sweet, natural sounding over the entire frequency domain. The soundstage is fantastic. The nice thing is that I find it emotionally involving - - rare for a solid state pre.

I bought it and run it with Accuphase A50v. Great combo!

The only drawback is that its midrange is possibly a tad recessed compared to best tube preamps out there, but then it doesn't drop off at the frequency extremes either! Perhaps it is more honest - - I don't know.