Accuphase C-27

Has anyone heard this new phono stage by Accuphase and how does it compare to other top performers? I don't have a local dealer and I am familiar with the Einstein, Allnic, ASR, ARC Ph7 phono.
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anyone heard one now?
Have my C-27 for several months, replacing IO-Sig standalone or IO plus Accuphase C-17 head amp. Nothing lost from the IO other than the enormous soundstage width the IO throws. However, the c-27 is a) much quieter and microdynamic b) more focused c) more precise. I don't feel I lost anything organic or emotion by moving to SS, the C-27 just gives you what the cartridge plays, nothing more, nothing less. Differences in my carts are much more discernable with the C-27. In addition you get 3 inputs, each of which can be loaded independantly; I feel I get the best out of each cart and arm combo now. Its a keeper.
Looks interesting. What cartridges have you tried it with?
ZYX UNIverse, Verito Z, Miyabi MF Carbon 3.5
Here is a review:!ev/artykuly/21_05_2009/accuphase.html
Not sure what to make of the review. He loves it but goes on about the Accuphase Sound. I already have what is described w. my VTL 750s. Wouldn't want more of that. I guess it is system dependent.