Accuphase C-202 or YS Audio A2-SE

I am looking for a pre-amp for my P-102 amplifier. Currently I go amp-direct from an accuphase CD transport and I am curious to know how would the YS Audio A2-SE compares to the Accuphase C-202.

The one benefit of the YS Audio I am think is the option to go bi-amping? Any feedback or recommendations on this matter is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advanced!
I own two C-200 and they are fantastic by any standard.
I can't comment on the Accuphase but I have owned an Audio Experience (YS Audio) A2 SE for over a year now and can't praise it highly enough. Although I have owned prettier and heavier preamps in the past costing up to four times the retail of the A2 SE, I have never had a better sounding one in my system.
I have used it with both ss and tube power amps (Gamut D200 Mk3 and my current SAC Glowmaster KT88) and have found it a revelation. It is an excellent bit of kit in its stock form, but it also responds well to tube rolling if you want to wring a bit more out of it (mine is currently full of NOS Mullards). The flexibility offered by having both rca and xlr inputs/outputs is extremely handy as are the dual outputs if you want to bi-amp (I don't currently but the second output is used to drive my Stax energiser).
I have 'pimped' mine a bit further by replacing the four knobs on the front with some nicer (IMHO) from THL Audio and have it floating on a set of "Yeil Spike Sound Will" devices but even straight from the box I think it offers incredible value for money and is certainly worth a demo if possible.