Accuphase C-200, X, L, V What is the difference?

I have heard those are great preamps especially for phono partI an going to buy one ...
But there are several model  of C -200....Could anybody tell what is the difference and which is best ?
Thank you very much
There's very few Accuphase owners here. Most say they're over priced in the US but those same people have never heard one. My friend is a local dealer so I got a demo E600 integrated years back and I've been away from Agon ever since. I fell off the upgrade wagon for the first time in my life. Good stuff. I wish I could answer your question but I can't. 

thank you for yyour replies ;))

" I owned the C-200 many moons ago! "
so what is your impression  and what dou you have now?