Accuphase C-200 lamps bulbs source?

Does anyone know what the bulbs / lamps are in an Accuphase C-200 pre amp? I need to find the specs on the lamps so I can look for replacements. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
Jeff have you been inside the preamp: do you have a number on the bulb? It can likely be crossreferenced from there. Axxis may sell them to you directly if requested?
I have an Accuphase E-202 integrated amp and recently bought a service manual for it on ebay. The internal view diagram describes a Pilot Lamp (8V/300 mA : Part No. 176-5201-00). Your C-200 is from the same vintage so maybe it uses the same lamp. Luckily I haven't had to replace mine yet.
i bought from radio shack 12v most tiny works fine.i have 2 accuphase c-200.i replaced lamp few year ago still work fineboth pre-amp.