Accuphase and T+A

Having a hard time finding a palce that sells and showcase Accuphase and T+A. I've heard McIntosh and would like to compare those 2, with Sonus Faber speakers.  Anyone has some insights?


If McIntosh is your reference then you are in for a very pleasant surprise once you hear T+A and Accuphase. Both of these brands offers much superior, engaging sound and build quality, IMHO.

T+A is ultra detailed and neutral whereas Accuphase has slightly more warm (tube like) sound. Having heard both T+A PA 3100 HV and Accuphase E-650 in my system, I can say both of these are superlative choices over any McIntosh amp or Integrated.

I also recommend auditioning Riviera Labs Levante and Hegel H590. Reach out to David Michael Audio who has all of these brands except T+A.

Also check out Circle and SA Labs (Gestalt Audio). No direct experience with these two but I’ve heard high praises and going to audition SA Labs Thunderbird Integrated in next month or so.

It would be helpful to know which Sonus Faber speakers you currently own? I own 96db efficiency speakers, so any of the above recommended components makes an ideal pairing :-) 

if you have a warmer speaker like a sonus faber go ith the t+A they are warmer sounding solid state butnot as warm as accuphase.

sonus are allready warm sounding so the T+A gear should be a great match


to date the T+A gear is the best sounding solid state gear fo the money we have tested andhave prefereed their gear over some of the worlds best tube gear


Dave and Troy

Audio intellect NJ

T+A dealers

T+A is excellent, but with a frustratingly sparse dealer network. If something happens, you're in for a painful exercise. Accuphase is far more established.. and yes, that tube like warmer sound is magic. 

T+A is excellent, but with a frustratingly sparse dealer network.

Probably not as wide of a dealer network as some other more popular brands, but definitely not sparse. And the North America T+A rep, David Schultz is very helpful. There are two authorized T+A repair centers in US, East Coast (Georgia), and West Coast (California).

As for dealers, see link below. Just type in “United States” under “Place / Country” (second box from left):


Then, Scroll down below map for full list of authorized dealers