Accuphase amps & Tube Preamps?

I was curious what past results have been experienced using an Accuphase amp(s) (preferably Vintage 70's - 90's ) with a tube preamp?

I have a recent acquisition of an Accuphase E202 integrated and T100 tuner. I bought these as back ups as my Blue Circle BC2 monoblocks get a power supply cap upgrade and bias adjustment.
Anyhow, I was in shock as to how nice the Accuphase sounded through a pair of Altec A'7s. So that got me thinking, "What would an Accuphase amp sound like with a tube preamp such as my Audible Illusions M3A".

Any feedback regarding Accuphase and tube preamp's would be very welcome and appreciated.


In my secondary system I am using the Shindo Aurieges with an Accuphase P-3000 and I could not be more pleased with the result. Very musical, detailed, and smooth sounding through the two speaker pairs I have used in that system - first the Verity Taminos and now the Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor M's.
Funny you should mention Shindo as I believe that is quite possibly where I may go next in the audio chain. Thank you, for your comments.

I certainly would welcome more from Audiogon members.

If you do decide to explore Shindo, be prepared for how seductive they can sound! They offer the best musical experience by far that I have heard for single ended inputs. If I had known how much I was going to like their sound, I would have skipped their very outstanding "entry level" Aurieges and gone straight to the Monbrison or even the Masseto. Instead, I get to do the "upgrade drill" again!
Which ever you choose make sure the preamp and amp are compatible with each other.
Also don't ignore your T-100 tuner, you have in your possession one of the all time great analogue tuners.
Have it aligned and pair it up with a good antenna.
Stiltskin, yes tuner is very nice as well as integrated.
Cap(s), diode etc replacement on E202 would likely prove nothing short of astonishing. Tuner is a 5 gang with solid rich sound, love it, thanks for input.
BTW, impedance loads. Matching Accuphase and Tube preamp loads, this is really what I am trying to get at.