Accuphase Amp + Dyn C1 a good match?

I recently upgraded my CD player from a modded CAL Alpha/Delta clone to the Accuphase DP500. This change brought about a significant improvement across the board. The only remaining nagging sonic issue I have with this system is a characteristic "politeness" of treble instruments, specifically cymbal strikes and cymbal brushes IMO lacks edge and bite compared to live. The C1 being a Dyn has that slightly dark character while the 9200 is a warmish amp and my feeling is that this combination is primarily responsible for the soft treble voicing that I am experiencing. Nothing wrong with it - purely a matter of taste, just not mine.

I am considering moving from the 9200 to an Accuphase E450 integrated as I am enticed by the prospect of going all-Accuphase in the chain. To those of you have experienced an Accuphase - Dyn C1/C2/C4 combination how did you find the treble presentation? Do you think the DP500-E450-C1 combination will allow me to enjoy a more open, incisive and vivid presentation of cymbals without sacrificing the excellent midrange and bass region which the 9200 is already good at? Would appreciate any insight and suggestion.

Hydra4 > DP500 > 9200 > C1 (PCs are Shunyata Python/Zu Mother; I/C,S/C are RidgeStreetAudio Poiema)

I would also recommend looking into an Accuphase pre in the current line-up to go with your CD player. I recently acquired the C-2000 (the "entry level" model) and it has been a relevation. Dynamics, soundstaging, resolution, deep black silent background, tonality, textures, refinement, bass authority, gets cymbols right! You get the idea.

I've had pre-amps from the following companies: Chord, Perreaux, McIntosh, Meridian, VTL, Burmester and MBL and the C-2000 is just SO much better than the others I've had in my system.
Hello, I own the Dynaudio Confidence 3 monitors, and use an Accuphase E-407 integrated amp. I experience no treble politeness at all. It depends very much on the interconnect- and speakercables you will use. Mine are Nordost Heimdall IC, and Nordost Red Dawn LS. I consider a change to Cardas Golden Cross, to bring a little warmth to the sound.
Dyns are warmer/darker sounding by nature. Have heard C2 with E-408 + DP-500 recently. Warm and musical but not much detail and imaging. I have not heard E450 but instead I would swap C1 with Micro Utopia BE. Cables will not help much if any.